Reinstalling Nix in VanillaOS
·  2 min read ·  Quinton Jasper
Hi there! I’ll just jump right in to what this guide is about. I’m currently running VanillaOS as my primary operating system on my Linux devices, and I really like its apx file manager. One thing I find most interesting is its compatibility with the Nix package manager, which is really great for installing packages that need closer access to your host system than it would normally get instide of a standard apx Distrobox container.

New Job
·  1 min read ·  Quinton Jasper
Its been quite a while since I’ve last made changes to this website. But for today’s quick post, I’m excited to share that I will be working with Dr. Morgan Vigil-Hayes as a research assistant this summer at the CANIS Lab on NAU campus. Its been a good while since I last held a position as a programmer in a professional setting, so I’m very excited to be back in the groove and doing what I do best.

The Case of the Outdated iMac
·  3 min read ·  Quinton Jasper
Preface I have an old 2010 iMac (A1311) who’s main function is to sit on top of my minifridge and look pretty. In terms of its functionality, it once ran MacOS version 10.13 High Sierra to some extent. But, because I’m a Linux freak, I’ve made multiple attempts at installing Linux, hoping it would be a good solution for updating it’s since discontinued operating system. However, each time I’ve installed a new distribution (I’ve tried many) I consistently find myself at a black screen on first boot into the installed system.

Test Post
·  1 min read ·  Quinton Jasper
Experiment Numero 1 The last time I used this hugo theme, I had a problem with new posts not appearing in the Writings headline at the bottom of the page. My hope is that this bug was fixed, or that I actually understand how to use this software now. Update From my testing, it appears that everything is working as expected! Thx hugo 😊